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Children Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI - KENYA) is a community based organization dedicated to promote peace through children. Children Peace Initiative Kenya uses an integrated approach to promote Peace working with the children. It is an organization that strives to empower socially and economically children living among communities affected by inter-ethnic conflict to develop positive values and attitudes that will enable them to appreciate peace and become agents of reconciliation between their communities as they grow up.


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Now you can contribute to the donation of 50 “Heifers for Peace” to feuding pastoralists in Samburu County! We are thrilled to work with our partner, The Advocacy Project, to launch a Global Giving campaign that will support 100 families.

On June 30, 2017, fourteen pupils from Ayra Vedic Primary School were commissioned as Interactions for Peace (I4P) Peace Patrollers.

 A Call to Protect Life in the Slums

CPI KENYA Team administered questionnaires to six schools in Baragoi(Baragoi, Bendera, Nachola,Natiti, Naling'ang'or,and Ngilai);the team also involved new schools in the Pre-Project survey.The Schools are: Lenkima on the Turkana side and Lesirikan, Simiti and Masikita on the S


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“Is peace an impossible dream?” This question consumed Kelvin Kipkiror, a young man who had accompanied his sister to the parents meeting between Pokot and Samburu communities.

When I first set foot in Samburu County, I noticed that Longewan village was green and beautiful, but there seemed to hang a heavy cloud of fear and uncertainty.

Josephine Lengapian, pictured above, is one of the beneficiaries of a children peacebuilding program targeting the Samburu and Pokot of Longewan and Amaiya villages, an initiative by Children Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI Kenya).

Victor does not react when some children bully him. I am seated there listening to other children describing that, and I am thinking really? No reaction? None at all? THAT’S A FIRST!